Reasons You Should Consider Lip Injections

Fuller lips are definitely a universal desire. Luscious lips are sensuous and feminine, and can make you feel extremely good about yourself. Celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Rosie Huntington-Whitley have even banked their careers on their pouts. Kylie Jenner, famously had her lips done to improve their appeal.

These rather desirable assets are unfortunately a scarce commodity. Luckily, you can always fake a Cupid’s bow. Best lip augmentation is a popular procedure as it is minimally invasive. It is also a lot less scary than you make think. Here are some reasons that getting your lips done might not be such a bad idea:

It is Reversible

In case you do not like how your lips turned out, you are in luck. The results from certain types of fillers can be erased. For instance, injections such as such as hyaluronic acid have enzymes that can reverse the effect of the filler. This way you will not be stuck with a look that you hate. It is actually less risky than a haircut!

Immediate Results

Lip augmentation, like the other effective cosmetic procedures, will provide you with instantaneous results. This means that you will know exactly what you are going to look like from the moment the procedure is done. There are no second guessing the results.

It Feels Real

You do not have to worry about how your new lips will feel. They is absolutely nothing unnatural about the feel of your lips. You will also be able to experience all the same sensations as you did before. There will be no change to the sensory aspect of your lips.

There is Little to No Pain

The most amount of discomfort that you can experience with this procedure is a minor pinch as you are being injected. In the event you are still wary, you can always request a local anesthetic or some other numbing agent. You will then not feel any pain at all.

Back to Normal

The entire procedure should take no longer than half an hour. Once your doctor has finished icing your lips and the anesthetic has worn off, you are free to go. You will be free to continue your life as normal. There are no stays in hospitals or unpleasant side effects. Your life will not be hindered in any way.

You Can Stop at Anytime

If you do not want to continue with the fillers any more you, you do not have to. Once you have stopped injecting your lips, they will gradually return to their former size and shape. They will be no side effects to ceasing the injections. They will not be wrinkly or sag at all. In certain instances they may be slightly larger than original due to the continuous injection of filler.

You Can Choose the Injection Size

Getting your lips done does not automatically mean that you have to fill your entire lip. You can choose where to place the filler. This means that you have control over the shape and the size that you want your lips to be. If there are only certain aspects of your mouth that you do not like, you can just fix those. This also means that you can have more natural looking lips.