From Limp Short Hair To Thick Long Tresses

Your hair is reflective of your personality. It is the hair which gives every individual their own unique look. Thus, in the beauty industry hair has been given the pivotal importance since the time of its advent. If your hairstyle changes, the whole aura of personality around you is transformed, earning you different and varied responses from the people around you.

With the advancement in the hair care industry experts have come up with a wide range of solutions and treatment procedures to help you get rid of your hair related problems. A long and thick bunch of hair is what every woman cherishes. But people who do not have it can easily go for keratin hair extensions to grow their hair from short to long, thin to thick, in just a jiffy. Extensions are also attached to highlight your hair. There are different types of extensions or the ways to get that extension done. Some extensions can be glued; other preferred keratin attachments are bonded to your natural locks. You must have a minimum length of 3 inches to get extensions. Extensions can be done to have both length and volume together, or to have either one of it.

You have to pay attention to the fact that keratin hair extensions must be done in a renowned hair salon and by an expert professional who has years of experience in extensions and has photos to prove his previous works in the field. After all, you cannot take a risk with your most important accessory you are born with. However, extension sessions can be really lengthy and can go on for hours. So, make sure that you make a prior appointment with your salon and have enough time to spend in the process.

Reputed hair salons work with best quality products and use collect only the best quality human hair to be used as their client’s extensions. However, synthetic hair is also available and used as extensions with a much lesser cost than the original human hair. These extensions, when bonded properly, can last for even three month or some more with regular professional care and maintenance. Before heading to the salon, you must know that extensions and their maintenance are pretty costly and time consuming, initially and afterwards too. You must also be aware of the fact that it can have side-effects damaging your original locks and the removal process of extensions can be really hazardous, even leaving bald marks on your scalp. So, better get extensions done in a big and reputed salon. It is always better to take care of the proper care and nourishment of your hair and to grow them with patience and time because the natural way is always preferable to the artificial ones.